Personal Breakthroughs

Think of something in your life that's holding you back. 

Something that keeps getting in the way of your success. 

Something that causes you to worry, feel upset, frustrated, angry and even helpless. 

Something that stops you from  living the life you want to live.

NOW,  imagine that thing being gone. 

Totally Gone. 

That's what we do in a Breakthrough Session. We identify your problem and we fix it. Together.

It might be in Business, Sport, your Relationship, or your Health. 

In fact, it really doesn't matter what it is.

It only matters that you truly want to fix it.

A breakthrough session consists of 8 -10 hours of therapy. 

There are tasks for you to complete along the way and you may find that you even have a task to complete before your first appointment! 

Rest assured that the tasks will always be something within your ability to do and they always have a purpose.

The end result is a better you, with better behaviours and more resources. 

You will be free from your limiting beliefs, negative emotions and doubt.

Procrastination? What Procrastination?? 

Fear? Not anymore!

Confidence? You Betcha!

You will find that the benefits of your Breakthrough Session spill over into all areas of life, not just the one you worked on. 

You will learn a variety of techniques to use after your therapy to help you stay on track and continue to be the extraordinary person you are meant to be! 

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